Administrative Notes

We have a new blog!

Treasury Tree Team has moved over to a new blog, which can be found here. If you’re looking for the post announcing the treasury challenge winner from 4/10 to 4/14 click here. Thanks for redirecting your traffic!

New Year, New Team!

December has been quite a busy month for Etsy sellers and for Treasury Tree. On December 18th, we already had some impressive numbers, and just yesterday I stopped by to find a beautiful treasury by TheWhirlwind on the front page! Here are a few notes: – LBCPaper will be posting some treasury challenges here […]

Saturday Stats

We’ve been an official team for 20 days!  We have accomplished quite a lot in less than three weeks, and here are the numbers to prove it! We have 64 beautiful member shops! Treasury Tree members have curated 466 absolutely stunning treasuries! Seven of those treasuries have made it to the front page of Etsy! […]

The Root of It All

A Treasury Tree A Tree that grew of kinship and inspiration from a collective of Etsy sellers. We are all artisans, artists, crafters, sculptures, DIYers, but what makes someone go from hobby to business? We are a collective who have that answer. We create because we love, but we are also business women and men […]

We have a blog! Yippee!

Hello everyone! I just set up the blog [obviously lol] and I hope that it will become a great tool for us as a team.  A few things that have been tossed around and I think we should open up for discussion are: – Having a post/page for each member where they can post all […]